Supporters Like You

We are thankful for those who have made an estate gift to St. Louis Public Library Foundation (SLPLF).

Judy and Harvey H.

Judy and Harvy H.

"The Library is a major part of our community. It just has to be.” - Judy H.

"St. Louis Public Library is important as an institution and unique in how many people it serves. It has great educational resources and absolutely great architectural history. The Library has multi-faceted greatness... To have top-tier programs [at St. Louis Public Library] you have to have philanthropic giving. Without it, you don’t get to do those things. It makes projects and programs possible. These programs are not only educational but are necessary for young people's broader education. It makes them great thinkers. Hopefully, they stay here and give back to the St. Louis community or do great things in the communities they’re involved in." - Harvey H.